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Manor New Tech High

Manor New Tech, built on the New Technology Network model of project-based learning, is strikingly different from what is found in traditional secondary education classroom settings. MNTHS student population is made up of applicants accepted through a blind lottery. As a result, the student population at MNTHS is diverse in all aspects, including the two largest subpopulations of young men and young women of color. Additionally, the project-based learning environment sets up an atmosphere where learning is student-driven, engaging, and meets the needs of a wide variety of academic abilities.

New Tech High School is also consistently ranked among the best high schools in America by U.S. News & World Report. Also, MNTHS received all 7 academic distinctions from the Texas Education Agency in 2018. 

New Tech High School is currently undergoing renovations. These renovations will update classrooms, athletics facilities, and fine arts areas. The work will also double the capacity of the school, accommodating the increased interest from the community.