Online Application



After completing an application, all Manor ISD programs will have further requirements that applicants must meet in order for their application to be marked as eligible. The parent or guardian of each applicant is responsible for providing the items necessary for the application to be processed.


Manor Early College program admissions are based on an equal value consideration of:
  • Submitting on online application by the posted deadline
  • Attending on online (via Zoom) interview orientation (15 minutes), to discuss why the scholar wants to attend the Manor Early College Program. Scholars need to click here to sign up for an interview:   *Out of district applicants will need to email Manor Early College principal, Dr. Sadikova, to schedule an interview. You can email Dr. Sadikova at
  • Immediately following their interview, scholars will stay online with a proctor for one hour to write an essay (via Zoom) and submit it via Google docs. The essay topic and Google link will be provided at the interview process. 
  • A letter of recommendation from a school teacher. Teachers need to submit their recommendation letters in Google Forms: CLICK HERE to access the Google Form

New Tech Program admissions are based on an equal value consideration of:
  • A one-to-three-minute video of why the student wants to attend a New Tech school.
  • A letter of recommendation from a teacher OR community member.

  • Manor ISD students will submit their required materials via Google Classroom. Students can log in at with their Manor ISD login info, then join the classroom via the below codes.

    • MNTMS: dw5xxml

    • MNTHS: sxei7bx

  • Out of district transfers will still need to comply with board policy regarding the transfer process.

  • Out of district applicants will e-mail their letter and video to the campus registrar via the below email. Please include your students full name in the email.