Please read the information below before beginning the application process. These policies are effective for the Manor New Tech Middle School.
Important School of Choice Information

Deadlines: The deadline for applying online is (11:59 pm on Jan. 30, 2022). Applications submitted after this deadline will not be included in the lottery. Late applications will be added to the end of the waitlist in order of receipt.

Eligible Residents: Any student residing within the Manor Independent School District may apply for a seat at this campus. Students who do not reside in Manor ISD and receive a seat from the lottery will be granted provisional acceptance. Non-residents will need to complete the interdistrict transfer process and have their transfer request approved by the district before their acceptance into the campus is finalized. More information will be provided to those families needing a transfer upon acceptance of a seat at the campus.

Transportation: Students residing in Manor ISD will receive transportation to the campus. Non-resident students will not be transported to the campus as per board policy FDA (LOCAL).

Entrance Requirements:

To be eligible for a seat at Manor New Tech Middle School for the 2022-2023 school year, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Not be placed in Manor's Alternative Program for the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year
  • Attend the New Student Orientation in spring of 2022 (exact date to be determined)

Students who fail to meet the above criteria may have their seat revoked.

Dress Code:
All scholars attending Manor New Tech Middle School are expected to dress according to the district and campus dress code policies. The purpose of the standard mode of dress policy is to encourage uniformity in dress and identity that advocates self-respect, improved academics and behavior. We also want to encourage an environment of pride which leads to effective communication and collaboration in our schools. The Manor New Tech Middle School dress code is in addition to the district dress code; it does not replace the Manor ISD dress code policy.

The following dress code must be adhered to by all scholars:

  • Shirts – Short or long sleeved polo style (collared) shirts. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. 6th Grade - Red, White, Yellow. 7th Grade - Sky Blue, Grey, Green. 8th Grade - Royal Blue, Black, Purple.
  • Pants – Plain khaki, navy or black pants, shorts, blue or black jeans must be worn on the scholar's natural waist at all times. Shorts and skorts must be an approved length (no shorter than the tips of the fingers when the arms are extended by the sides of the body). Blue or black jeans, pants, shorts, and skorts must be free of rips, tears, embellishments, and/or holes. Sweatpants are not allowed. Joggers and cargo pants are not allowed.
  • Dresses - Allowed in plain khaki, navy or black as long as the length is acceptable (no shorter than fingertips when extended to the sides) and are not considered tight.
  • Belts – Solid black or brown; must be worn if pants have belt loops.
  • Hoodies - Allowed in the grade level colors. Hoods are not allowed to be worn over the head while inside the building. Students will be asked to tuck in hoods upon entering the building.

Scholars attending Manor New Tech Middle School will be required to wear business attire on days they are presenting their projects.